Well, Here We Are


A new post for a new blog.

Would you like one lump? Or two?

Don’t mind the dogs, if Lydia jumps up and begs for attention just tell her to get down.  She’s that way with everyone.

I’m a bit behind on my self-imposed rule of two to three posts a week simply because husbie and I have been working away on this new site.  Well actually, he has been doing much of the work while I’ve been watching from the co-pilot seat and trying to learn.  One very late night was devoted to learning how to insert a slideshow and much of one Saturday was spent experimenting with fancy fonts.

I love fancy fonts.

On the homestead front we’ve found that hurry up and wait seems to be the name of the game.  I thought a week ago we were set up and geared to go and now things seem to be slowing down.  I’m not sure why.  ::sigh::

We have however:

*Leveled the site for the home. (Well *we* didn’t level it but it has been done)

*Contacted the electrical engineer (again) at the request of the builder to see if there is any give on their policy for new construction.

*Contacted the builder (again) to let them know there isn’t.

*Tried to get in touch with a local guy who owns a bulldozer to see about digging out the pond a bit deeper and possibly reshaping it.

*Met the man who cuts our hay. Remember this post?

Meanwhile I’m collecting boxes, sorting through things, packing the stuff we don’t use at the moment, and making a mental list of what needs to be done in order to put the house on the market.

So what’s new with you?

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Well, Here We Are — 8 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you have a blog! :-) I love your posts on Facebook and this is like that but Looooooonger. :-) I just spent a weekend living medievally at a medieval festival. It was grand fun until we got rained out and one tent collapsed in the storm. :-)

    • Thank you Krista. I read about your upcoming weekend and thought it sounded like fun. So sorry about the rain. :(

  2. Hi Jenny! Love following you on your new journey. The new blog is great! Loved the gardening tips. Looking forward to the recipes, too.

    • Thank you Diana! I’m glad you like it. Marco helped me a lot in putting it together.

  3. A new blog! A new adventure! :-) I love this site. Good work, Marco and Jenny. I will, of course, be keeping tabs on your little homestead from here. And hopefully someday, I’ll get to come see it in person!

    Nothing terribly new around here – we have a BUSY summer ahead, but I’m determined that there will be time to eat popsicles on the front lawn and go to the lake (what we call “the beach”) once a week with the kiddoskies. Love to you all! Give the furbabies a pat and a hello!

    • Thank you Johanna! Sounds like you are having a lovely summer. We do look forward to that visit someday. The doggies say “hello” back. :D