The Guests in our Garden (and a giveaway winner)


When we lived in the city we had a Cardinal and his wife that lived in the magnolia tree.   We enjoyed sitting at the breakfast table and watching them flit about.

Since we’ve moved to the country we don’t have the trees to house cardinals and I miss them.  But we’ve learned to enjoy watching others: Scissor-tailed flycatchers, the Red-winged Blackbirds, Dicksissels…

And Killdeers.  Lots and lots of Killdeers.

And a few days ago while out in the garden I saw this…

Kildeer Eggs Black Fox

A few days later more eggs were added, and a few more.

The mama keeps a close vigil and when I went to thin the beets, she came at me.

She scolded,

Kildeer Black Fox

She fussed,

Angry Killdeer Black Fox

She even put on her little distraction display, faking a broken wing.

Killdeer from Black Fox

I did what any serious gardener would do…

I left them alone.

We don’t need beets anyway.

What sorts of birds to you enjoy watching where you live?


We have a winner for the market bag giveaway from Green Circle Grove!

Marie will be shopping this summer in style!

A special thanks to Green Circle Grove for their generosity.

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The Guests in our Garden (and a giveaway winner) — 8 Comments

  1. What a beautiful bird, and those eggs! I agree, who needs beets anyway? I am on my second round of wrens nesting on top of my ceiling fan in the patios. The first one hatched five babies that we followed until the all flew out of the nest. Just two weeks later and another wren as rebuilt the nest and is sitting on her eggs,

    • Watching birds is so much fun. We also had a mother/baby robins at our other home in the city and we loved watching those. Unfortunately not all of them made it after they left the nest. They are so vulnerable when they are small. :(

    • Aren’t they? I hope to catch them (from a distance, considering this protective mama) when they hatch.

    • We have a pond so we have tons of them around here. Yes, they are lots of fun to watch. :)

  2. Lovely birds, where I live (which is about 40 miles east of you) its more wooded and I have those cardinals you miss. I had rabbit nest one time in my veggie bed and like you can grow more veggies. How often does having this happen.