In Case You Missed Us…


Here is a review of what we posted this week:

Fall Gardening: Part I in a series; the benefits of planting a fall garden and how to go about planning one.

…And More Tomato Troubles: A follow up to the post on the tomato troubles I’ve discovered in my garden~in~transition this summer.  This post briefly discusses sunscald, cracking, and spider mites (ew).

and a recipe for Roasted Tomato Pie; a summer favorite of ours.

Be sure to drop by next week for:

Part II in the Fall Gardening series where we’ll talk about selecting seeds for the best success in your fall garden…

Another recipe for your home grown tomatoes…

And updates on the progress we’re making with our little homestead.

Husbie and I are getting ready to brave the 106 degree weather this afternoon for a little mowing party out at Black Fox.  Tomorrow we’ll head back out again to work some more on the frames for our raised bed kitchen garden.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!  See ya’ll later…

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In Case You Missed Us… — 2 Comments

    • Yeah. :X This summer is not nearly as bad as last summer or the year before but it is still very hot. At 7:30 pm it was still 101.