Progress Report


*Today Cement Guy (more on him later) is supposed to be pouring the footing for our home and the concrete floor for the garage.

*I have since met with the Bros. Pond (more about them later) and learned all about the rebuilding of ponds.  Like the cost of such an endeavor.  A hole in the ground filled with rain water costs about the same as a new car.

*While visiting with the Bros. Pond I saw another snake.  A water snake.  Not a friendly one.  I was so scared of this unfriendly water snake that Saturday, husbie offered to mow down the tall grass around the perimeter of the pond.

*While husbie was mowing around the perimeter of the pond, he got stuck in the pond muck.  All this happened while I had wandered off to photograph some cows.

These cows:

*Husbie enlisted my help in getting the riding mower out of the pond muck which involved me trekking through the pond muck, in flip flops, where only twenty-four hours ago I’d spotted the unfriendly snake.

*We managed to get the mower out of the muck unscathed, still  intact,  encountering no unfriendly snakes.  This required considerable effort involving a series of two by fours, terrible words that cannot be printed here,  a few tense moments, a pair of split shorts (his not mine), and in the end when all else failed: towing the mower out with the help of a rope and our CRV.  But we got it out.   We even got to witness a beautiful country sunset.

*Mower free, Husbie declared himself a Mac~effing~Gyver and was so pumped at our feat (and relieved we hadn’t lost the mower; now considering the exorbitant cost of rebuilding the pond) that he declared we absolutely would not stop for fast food on the way home, he’d still grill hamburgers as we’d originally planned.  Even though this meant eating at 11pm.  But it was all  good, and stuck riding mowers followed by 11pm hamburgers are the stuff of which memories are made.

Things are coming along…

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Progress Report — 4 Comments

  1. Wow! What memories. Imagine many years down the road, you will be retelling these stories and getting a good laugh.