Home Sweet Home in the Making


Since we have now officially broken ground on what will be our new home, I no longer feel like it is presumptuous to  talk about what we’re aiming for and how we arrived at our house plan.

Building the new house has been one of the most exciting parts of our new endeavor, while also being one of the most nervewracking.  The plain and simple reason for that is that our home is not conventional.

It is in fact, a barn.

I think this might perhaps be the first time I have come right out and announced that it is a barn.  I’ve hinted at it, talked around it, described it as a little~cottage~inspired~by~a~barn (or words to that effect), but never really come out and said it.

It’s a barn.

We’re going to live in a barn.

And I have felt very shy about that.

I’ve wondered if the sweet image I have in my mind will at all resemble what we will sign off on after the final walk-through.  I’ve wondered if people will think we are absolutely nuts.  I’ve wondered if we’re absolutely nuts. I’ve wondered if anyone will want to come and visit.

We decided on the barn instead of a conventional home for a few reasons ~ the obvious one being that it is less expensive.  We also wanted something that, unlike a camper or a trailer, would be a permanent part of the property.   If we were going to spend the $, we wanted something that we could build, live in, and then repurpose later on.   We decided on a red barn, because, well, barns are what one would expect to find on a farm.  It added to the overall  cohesive asthetic we were looking for.

Having nailed down the barn bit, we then had to decide on how we were going to go about it.  We looked at mail order kits, briefly looked into antique barns that would be disassembled and rebuilt on our place (very  cool concept but waaaaay out of the price range), and pole barns with the corrugated steel siding.  After much deliberation, and many late night discussions, we went with the pole barn concept.  I knew people who had done it, I had been inside pole barn “homes”, and we were able to find someone who would both build the barn, and finish out the inside.   The plan was to build a simple small red barn with white trim, a green roof, and a covered porch (or two), and a cupola with a weather vane  that would serve as a temporary dwelling for several years after which we’d build a home.

The next step was then to design the floor plan.

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Home Sweet Home in the Making — 6 Comments

  1. I think it sounds really cool and I can’t wait to hear more about your plans and eventually see the pics of the completed “barn”.

    • Aw thanks Diana. I’m glad you think it sounds pretty. I think it will work, it’s just a little different.

  2. Since I am just finding your story/plan a year after it occurred, I wonder how it all turned out. I think it is a wonderful idea and very practical. Actually, I have thought of doing the same thing.

    • Hi Surretha, it worked out really well. We moved in last October and love the feel of our home. It is very comfortable and very cozy.