10 Homemade Christmas Gifts


…that can be put together in a relatively short amount of time.


This post is for those people (like me) who would love to give homemade gifts but are not one of those people who thinks about it in July, when one should think about those things.

I tend to think of a homemade Christmas the week before.

Last minute though does not need to mean tacky, crafty, or scream HOMEMADE!!!

So here is a list of nice, simple, fast, easy, and classy (IMO) homemade gifts that I’ve gathered.  Some of these are  my own and some I’ve collected as I’ve browsed all the Christmassy posts on the interweb these past few weeks:

1. Peppermint Sugar Body  Scrub ~ I would actually like to try this as a gift for myself as well as all the female family members on my gift list (If I can get may act together, that is).  Given in a pretty jar this would be a nice, natural alternative to the standard Bath and Body Works that everyone likes (at least I think they do).

2. Bacon Bark ~ If one could locate a nice vintage looking tin to present this in so much the better.

3. An apron from a vintage tea towel ~ This would be an appropriate gift from a child to an older relative such as a grandmother or an aunt.

4. Clementine Marmalade ~ Especially with all those Cuties available in the grocery store right now!  Present in an inexpensive basket along with a batch of fresh baked scones and clotted cream.

5. Peach Rosemary Jam ~ Another jam that is a nice touch for the holidays.  This would also be nice with scones or biscuits.

6. Brandied Apples ~ These would make a nice hostess gift to be served with the holiday ham, or they could accompany a fresh baked pound cake.

7. “Cheater” quilt ~ This may take more than an afternoon but the post claims that it can be done in less than two days.  This would be pretty put together with some vintage repro  fabrics. I guess I am into anything vintage.

8. Give the gift of an experience such as a Ladies’ Tea ~ This in and of itself would take longer than an afternoon to pull off, but  a pretty invite could be put together rather quickly and planned for a time to reconnect after the bustle of the holidays has died down.

9. Crocheted Dishcloths ~ I um. don’t crochet. Yet.   But maybe you do?

10. Coffee bean candle holders ~ These could be styled in a number of ways depending on the ribbon and containers used.  They’d also make a great hostess gift.

What are some of your quick and easy homemade gift ideas?

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10 Homemade Christmas Gifts — 5 Comments

  1. Yesterday I etched some clear glass mugs with snowflakes, and then wrapped them with assorted coffees and teas for an easy gift. I did 4 mugs in about an hour, but that was while feeding three kids their lunch, answering the phone, and other interruptions!

  2. Great ideas! Love the apron idea! I love vintage too!! I’ve been making up some crocheted washcloths and some cute slippers. Will probably make up some bath salts and some lotion bars too if I don’t run out of time that is! Have a blessed Holiday season!!

  3. Those are such great ideas!!! I especially want to try the brandied apples and peach rosemary jam. Yum. :-) My favorite thing to make would be that peppermint sugar body scrub – just love it – and I’m also going to make some wood-burnt Christmas ornaments. :-)