The Building of a Homestead

Preparing for an emergency

The following posts present the entire story of the building of our little homestead from the time we purchased to the land, to the day that we moved in.  The first eight posts were started on another blog when we were still trying to figure out what exactly we were after: whether that was a farm, farmette, or a homestead.  You may also enjoy reading: Who We Are and How We Got Here and The First Twelve Months.

The Start of a New Chapter

Land Shopping Part 1

Land Shopping Part 2

The Water Tap

The Water Tap (Part 2)

Our Plan B Farmette Part 1

Our Plan B Farmette Part 2

We’re Progressing

Home Sweet Home in the Making

Home Sweet Home in the Making: Designing the Floor Plan

Bend and Flex

My Thoughts on Barn Interiors

What I Have Learned About Moving

Building a Home: What I Wish I Had Known

Pop Inside for a Visit





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