Gardening Tips For Success

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After a rough winter, spring has finally arrived and the long awaited gardening season is finally in full swing. If you are new to gardening I’ve put together a few tips with the beginner in mind and shared them this past week over at Gnowfglins. While the list might seem somewhat basic, it is what I would have really liked to know when I was first starting out.

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How to read a Seed packet

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When I started my first garden, I started with very little background knowledge at all. I purchased seeds at the local hardware store, not really knowing what varieties to choose and why, not really knowing if the time was right for what crop, and whether or not certain things would grow in my area. I had seen the tiny writing on the back of the seed packets, but it made little sense to me. I needed someone to sit down and explain all of this to me, but those gardening websites took for granted that I knew this basic information.

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Gear up for Spring Planting

Gear Up for Spring Planting

While spring is still a few months off, spring planting season (for me at least) is just around the corner: February 15 signals the start of the cool weather growing season for my area. I have spent the past few weeks taking inventory of my seed supply, perusing seed catalogs, and making a list of what I need to get our garden started. If you are as eager as I am to get started with your gardening, here are a few things you can be doing now in spite of it still being January.

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How to Grow your Own Transplants


When I was a new gardener home grown transplants intimidated me. It seemed be complicated and unnecessary, considering the fact I could just go out and buy them. But then I got more interested in heirloom varieties and organic practices, and found that starting my own plants gave more variety than anything I could find at the local nursery. Not to mention how I have complete control over using fertilizers and pest control — or not. Today I’m sharing my tips over at Gnowfglins. I’d love to have you drop by and share yours as well!

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Keep Going with your Zucchini!

Zucchini ~ Black Fox

In my zone 6b garden, zucchini seeds can be sown directly from mid-May right on up through September 1 making for an excellent fall crop. Louise Riotte, the author of Carrots Love Tomatoes, reported that her late planted zucchini fared much better as she was able to pretty much avoid squash bugs and the squash vine borer.

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Gear up for Fall Gardening: Vegetable Families and Crop Rotation

eggplant ~ Black Fox

Time to gear up for fall gardening. As we get ready to plan for this next growing season one of the things we’ll take in to consideration is crop rotation ~ in order to effectively rotate your crops, a gardener needs to know their vegetable families.

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