Our Experiences with Sourdough

sourdough featured photo

This post isn’t really a tutorial as much as it is my thoughts on our first experience creating a sourdough starter from spelt and sharing with you some resources that I have found to be helpful. I am not a sourdough queen. I am still learning and working my way through new recipes, adjusting favorite recipes, and learning from my mistakes.

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How to read a Seed packet

seed packet feature photo

When I started my first garden, I started with very little background knowledge at all. I purchased seeds at the local hardware store, not really knowing what varieties to choose and why, not really knowing if the time was right for what crop, and whether or not certain things would grow in my area. I had seen the tiny writing on the back of the seed packets, but it made little sense to me. I needed someone to sit down and explain all of this to me, but those gardening websites took for granted that I knew this basic information.

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Purchasing a Wood Burning Stove


When we first moved to the home on our homestead we were on the fence about purchasing a wood stove. On the one hand we liked the idea of being able to heat with wood, and the warm atmosphere a fireplace provided. On the other hand, wood stoves are expensive. They take up space, space that for us at least, is tight already. I was also, believe it or not, afraid of them. I could see us burning down the house the first time we used it. After discussing the situation back and forth for thirteen months, looking at the situation from every angle, we finally decided to take the plunge. Our new wood burning stove was installed last week.

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Six Tips for a great pot of soup

six tips to a great pot of soup

Monday night in our home is soup night. I make a pot big enough for one dinner followed by enough leftovers to get us through at least half of the week. Not only does this give us an inexpensive meal, but it eliminates the need to buy expensive lunch food items such as lunch meat which isn’t always very healthy anyway.

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Creating a Simple Homestead Holiday ~ and a Gift for You!

advent wreath

… and please do not think that simple here means sparse.I love the holiday season, I love to bake and I love to decorate. Simple in this case refers to carrying the homestead mentality of togetherness; of self sufficient, frugal living from the heart into the Christmas season and right on through to the New Year. What follows are a list of ways we’ve chosen to “keep a simple Christmas”, things we’ve chosen to do as well as a few things we’ve chosen to do without. Also included is a set of holiday gift tags for you to download and print off as our gift to you!

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10 Easy Homemade and Semi-Homemade Christmas Gifts

stacked ribbons

If you are like me you set out every holiday season with the best of intentions: inexpensive, handmade, yet high quality gifts for everyone on your list. Unfortunately I don’t always start thinking about these things until the tree is up and the holiday season is under way ~ a bit late for the homemade sort of thing. Here then is a list of gifts that utilize inexpensive resources, can still be put together in a relatively short amount of time, that you would be proud to make and give.

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