Stocking Your Pantry: Dried Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms from Black Fox Homestead

The first time I heard about dried mushrooms I was about as excited about them as I would be dried onion or garlic. Why bother when the fresh is so much better? Then I purchased a fancy variety once for a recipe and kept the leftover on hand. I was impressed both at the depth of flavor, and the convenience of having them available to use any time. I started purchasing them dried whenever I could find them or whenever the budget would allow.

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Our First Experience With a Pressure Canner

Canned chuck roast and carrots. Ta-da!

ShareEven before we purchased our acreage, it has always been my dream to have a huge garden and stock the pantry with everything we grew.  I have been water bath canning for a few years and have always had good … Continue reading