Kettle Klatches! Preserving Your Soup Garden

kettle klatsches featured photo

After a gardening break over the summer, Carol Alexander and I, are back in the saddle and back with another episode of Kettle Klatches!. In this session we talk about preserving your soup garden by canning, freezing, and dehydrating your home grown herbs and vegetables.

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Stocking Your Pantry: Dried Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms from Black Fox Homestead

The first time I heard about dried mushrooms I was about as excited about them as I would be dried onion or garlic. Why bother when the fresh is so much better? Then I purchased a fancy variety once for a recipe and kept the leftover on hand. I was impressed both at the depth of flavor, and the convenience of having them available to use any time. I started purchasing them dried whenever I could find them or whenever the budget would allow.

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