Kettle Klatches! How to Make a Pot of Stock

kettle klatsches featured photo

Join us as we present our second post in an audio blog series “The Art of Soup Making”. In this installment, How to Make a Pot of Stock, we talk about the importance of making your own stock, share some interesting ingredients, and take you through the process step by step. We’d like to invite you to pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea, and listen in!

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Everything I Wanted to Know About Chickens But Was Afraid to Ask

Everything I Wanted to Know about Chickens feature photo

If I have learned anything about chickens in this past year it is this: chickens are not complicated. They are the easy-to-grow perennials of farm animals. Give them what they need, set them out, and they will flourish for months and years to come. In my initial research a few years ago however, I would repeatedly come across a series of terms, tips, and suggestions that came from sources assuming I knew what they were. I didn’t. Here then, is a list of a few things that I wanted to know about chickens, but was afraid to ask.

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