10 Easy Homemade and Semi-Homemade Christmas Gifts

stacked ribbons

If you are like me you set out every holiday season with the best of intentions: inexpensive, handmade, yet high quality gifts for everyone on your list. Unfortunately I don’t always start thinking about these things until the tree is up and the holiday season is under way ~ a bit late for the homemade sort of thing. Here then is a list of gifts that utilize inexpensive resources, can still be put together in a relatively short amount of time, that you would be proud to make and give.

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Spelt Flour Coconut Bars

coconut bars

This was last weekend’s sampling of holiday baking with healthier ingredients. While this offering does not include refined, processed stuff ~ I couldn’t exactly call them nourishing as the flour has not been soaked or sprouted. We did however use spelt, one of the ancient grains, that is a little easier digested than regular wheat flour.

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From Scratch Pumpkin Pie and a Thanksgiving Menu

pumpkin pie

If you are making every attempt to try and eat good food this holiday season, food free of sweetened condensed milk, reddi whip, and jello fluff, then here is a menu that might lend you a hand. Some of these recipes are my own, and some I’ve gathered from my bloggie friends and neighbors who are good cooks and use whole ingredients. Included is a recipe for pumpkin pie made completely from scratch: using fresh pumpkin and cream instead of canned milk.

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Traditional, Nourishing Ingredients for Holiday Baking

Apricot Crescents from Black Fox Homestead

In our home husbie and I typically hold to a healthy diet. For us healthy is defined by unprocessed ingredients that are as fresh as possible and, time and forethought permitting: traditionally prepared. This year, I decided to try to bake our holiday treats using as many traditional ingredients as possible using the traditional approach as often as possible. Here are some of the staples and ingredients I plan to use along with some of the resources for where they can be purchased.

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A Birthday Dinner: Beer Braised Shortribs and Homemade Individual Boston Cream Pies

boston cream

My sweet husbie celebrated his 40th birthday last Monday. Since we were in the middle of a move last year and his birthday dinner consisted of pizza on the run, I wanted to do something special this year, not to mention the fact that celebrating 40 is a momentous occasion. Enjoy some of the recipes from our menu including beer braised short ribs and little Boston cream pies.

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