From Scratch Pumpkin Pie and a Thanksgiving Menu

pumpkin pie

If you are making every attempt to try and eat good food this holiday season, food free of sweetened condensed milk, reddi whip, and jello fluff, then here is a menu that might lend you a hand. Some of these recipes are my own, and some I’ve gathered from my bloggie friends and neighbors who are good cooks and use whole ingredients. Included is a recipe for pumpkin pie made completely from scratch: using fresh pumpkin and cream instead of canned milk.

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A Birthday Dinner: Beer Braised Shortribs and Homemade Individual Boston Cream Pies

boston cream

My sweet husbie celebrated his 40th birthday last Monday. Since we were in the middle of a move last year and his birthday dinner consisted of pizza on the run, I wanted to do something special this year, not to mention the fact that celebrating 40 is a momentous occasion. Enjoy some of the recipes from our menu including beer braised short ribs and little Boston cream pies.

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