A Few Tips on Caring for Little Chicks

young chick care small

We’ve been out of pocket for these past few weeks. Lots going on here on our little homestead! Not only is the garden in full swing but we welcomed some new birds to our little flock! A month ago today we brought home seven buff orpington chicks (including a little roo) and nine Jumbo Cornish Cross Rocks. Everyone is settling in and doing very well.

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Everything I Wanted to Know About Chickens But Was Afraid to Ask

Everything I Wanted to Know about Chickens feature photo

If I have learned anything about chickens in this past year it is this: chickens are not complicated. They are the easy-to-grow perennials of farm animals. Give them what they need, set them out, and they will flourish for months and years to come. In my initial research a few years ago however, I would repeatedly come across a series of terms, tips, and suggestions that came from sources assuming I knew what they were. I didn’t. Here then, is a list of a few things that I wanted to know about chickens, but was afraid to ask.

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