Our State Fair


…is a great state fair!  Don’t miss it, don’t even be late!

Life on our homestead has been crazy busy as we’ve transitioned from summer (which means gathering and preserving all of our summer harvest) to fall (which means planting our fall crops).

But we did take some time this past week to visit our State Fair.

In addition to the annual turkey leg we took in:

first place piePrize winning lattice top pie….not mine but maybe someday.

lamb in a bucketBaby lamb, just days old and chillin’ in a bucket.  His mama was nearby.  I have decided I need some sheep.

pumpkinPrize winning pumpkin…not mine but maybe someday.  Maybe.  After planting several seeds last summer, I have one very tiny one growing now in our garden.  I don’t think it will reach jack o’ lantern status like I had hoped.

second place cake ballsCake balls.  Something (forgive me) I have never understood.  But these took home second place, so someone obviously gets them.

goat in a fenceEying the crowd…I’m still not sure I need a goat.

cowGetting ready for a show.


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Our State Fair — 4 Comments

  1. My sister in law bought me a cake ball cake pan. You fill the bottom with cake mix, clamp on the top and bake for like 12 minutes and the little cakes are the size of golf balls.They are really fun to decorate for a party. They are on a stick and are easy to decorate.

    • What you are describing actually sounds very good, almost like a tiny cupcake; and I love cupcakes. The recipes I had seen involved canned frosting added to a warm cake. The result that I’ve sampled at parties was way too sweet.