Chouteau Elevator Co.


This rickety building occupies a prominent spot in the tiny rural town about 12 miles NE of Black Fox.  Sometimes after a long afternoon of working in the heat, we’ll drive up the road for an early dinner at the Amish restaurant.

It sits behind the railroad tracks.

To its left is an Amish bakery.

To its right is the local family practice, housed in a trailer.

Beyond it lies main street, about a block long, with the Fourth of July American Flags still flapping lazily in the breeze.

Whenever we pass by this spot, I look at the old rusting sign and wonder how many trains it has counted as they’ve passed by, how many generations it has seen in its lifetime.

Its rusting corrugated sides remind me of an antique patchwork quilt.

Lonely old buildings are one of the many things I love about tiny rural towns.

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Chouteau Elevator Co. — 25 Comments

  1. Jenny,

    This piece was lovely. Where or where might you submit if for publication? Oklahoma Today, maybe? Some Oklahoma Travel magazine?


  2. I, too, love the rusting and/or abandoned.
    So much history…and interesting textures for us photographers.

    • I do too. This is one of several abandoned buildings I’ve wanted to photograph for a long time.

    • It’s kind of in an awkward location in a funky but charming little town. I forgot to add that the sky was smoky that afternoon because of the fires near OKC.

    • I love old buildings too. We’re currently living in an older home that we’ll have to leave behind in a few months when we transition to our homestead. I have such mixed emotions about it. :(

  3. Neat elevator capture. These structures are the heart of a community and have stood the test of time. I like your comparison to a patchwork quilt. I saw this post on Your Sunday Best.

    • I wish I knew more about the town other than the fact that there is an Amish settlement there.