How to Grow your Own Transplants


Grow Your Own Transplants

On our homestead, once the holidays are over, it is time to turn our attention to the upcoming spring planting season, which actually starts several weeks in advance of spring. The first item on my agenda is to start my own transplants.

When I was a new gardener, this task intimidated me. It seemed be complicated and unnecessary, considering the fact I could just go out and buy them.

But then I got more interested in heirloom varieties and organic practices, and found that starting my own plants gave more variety than anything I could find at the local nursery. Not to mention how I have complete control over using fertilizers and pest control — or not.

Are you interested in starting your own transplants?  Or is this already a part of your seasonal gardening routine?

I’m sharing my best tips today over at Gnowfglins.  Click  here to read more about it.  I’d love to have  you share any tips that you might have as well!

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