Crops That Can Be Planted Mid-Summer


Crops that can be planted mid summer

Now that it is officially summer, we move into the warm season which brings on pests, weeds, and for some of us, triple digit temps making garden work  most unpleasant.

If you can manage to power through however, here in our zone 6b(ish) garden there are a few crops that can be planted later on in the season rewarding you with a late summer/early fall harvest.

  • Pole beans, pumpkins and winter squash can be planted in mid July.  You can also continue to plant your summer squash as well.
  • If the pests got a hold of your tomatoes and peppers, you can replant these  in mid-July.  Note that you will need to either start your own transplants or be able to get a hold of some you can purchase.
  • Broccoli, brussels sprouts, and carrots can be planted from mid July to mid August. Carrots should be directly seeded, but as with the tomatoes and peppers you’ll need to set out broccoli and ‘sprouts transplants.

Speaking of transplants here is some info on what you would need to get them started and here is some info on hardening them off.

If you want cut flowers for the table consider starting some zinnias and sunflowers!  Both of these are easy to grow and can be sown directly in the garden.

And for your late summer salsa…cilantro can be sown again from mid July to mid August. 

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Crops That Can Be Planted Mid-Summer — 40 Comments

  1. I’m glad you posted this. There are few things we should give another go at.

  2. Thank you. Squash bugs got my zucchini and I need to replant. Now I know I can.

  3. Thanks for the helpful information. I am planting a fall garden.

  4. I have no choice but to replant! Squash mosaic virus got all my yellow and zucchini! I am replacing them with a couple of squash and some cucumbers.

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  6. Thanks for the reminders! There are still a few little spots in a couple of beds that are sitting empty due to poor germination rates on some of my seeds! I recently pushed in some bush beans, chard and spinach. My fingers are crossed for better germination and enough time for some actual harvests!

    • Peas are a cool weather crop so I probably wouldn’t plant those mid-summer. I do try again for a fall crop though late Aug/Sept.

      • Thanks, that’s a big DUH, of course in the fall, that’s a perfect idea.

  7. I don’t have a garden right now but I was curious as to what could be planted later in the season. Thanks for sharing! Visiting you from the Clever Chicks Blog Hop!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragement GROUP Blog

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  12. Here in South Dakota, it is just too hot for broccoli, cabbage, and brussell sprouts, although my cauliflower does have heads. The others – nothing but leaves. Found out they were cool weather crops. Thought I would pull them up and replant some kale and beets or spinach. Think those will be able to be harvested before the first frost?

  13. Thanks for the heads up on summer planting. Iive in upper zone 9 and am trying all sorts of things. My sweet basil has come up and my bunching onions are beautiful. Garlic was dug up and eaten by the rodents. Any idea what I can put down to distract/repel them? Plan to put in greens and spinach as well. The weather is in the triple digits, and won’t cool off until mid October, so those will have to wait a bit.

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