Ollie Visits Black Fox


Meet Our Ollie

Meet our Ollie.

Ollie is one of the four that makes up our little herd.

The second doggie we acquired and our first experience with a rescue dog.

Ollie comes from a rough past.

We don’t know quite what happened but it was traumatic enough that he has suffered from some issues.

He doesn’t like to be left alone.

He likes to have drapey things over his head.

He forms unusual attachments to inanimate objects.  Objects as reasonable as a stuffed teddy bear and as unreasonable as a vase of hydrangea blossoms (I kid you not).

Apart from that Ollie is just unusual.

He has an outie.

He snorts periodically.

He barks at his food, but only at night.

But Ollie is a dear.

And last Sunday, Ollie was permitted the privilege of a day trip to Black Fox.

We weren’t sure how he would do.

He doesn’t like rides in the car.

He doesn’t like changes to his routine.

Wide open spaces frighten him.

But once we arrived and let him roam, Ollie was as happy as a clam.

There was so much to do.

He had to check out the barn and give it his stamp of approval, which he did.

L: “Gotta check out the barn…”
R: “Barn’s great!”

He had to direct Poppy on the digging, help place the garden hose, and check out the magnificent sand pile.

L: “Let me help you with that.”
C: “Let me help you with that too.”
R: “I will scale this mountain.”

He had to happily trot about, here and there, taking it all in.


Then, a bit worn out, he had to take a nap.


Overall, Black Fox made a great impression on Ollie; and Ollie made a great impression on Black Fox.

He had to get in the mud.

He will make a great farm dog.

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Ollie Visits Black Fox — 18 Comments

    • He really is a sweetheart. We’ve enjoyed him so much. He was so happy that day it really blessed my heart. :)

  1. Oh I love your little dog ~ such a cutie ~ so glad he is with you ~ sad what people do to animals and children ~ Enjoy the weekend ~ (A Creative Harbor) on Blogger

    • I know it. :( All we know is that he had siblings and they were all locked in a garage and abandoned. :( :( When we picked him up from the rescue he was literally covered in ticks and suffering from kennel cough. There were a few weeks that were a bit rocky, he chewed furniture, had some potty training issues; but we got through it and now he seems to be very well adjusted and is such a sweetheart.

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