Moving to the Coop


Chickens Black Fox Homestead

…a picture post

You’re a big girl now.

Chickens Black Fox Homestead

  Up you go.

Chickens  Black Fox Homestead

“It’s nice and roomy in here!”

Chickens Black Fox Homestead

“I like to roost…”

Chickens Black Fox Homestead

“…but don’t…..close….the door…”

Chickens Black Fox Homestead

“We has to stay in here all night?”

Chickens Black Fox Homestead

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Moving to the Coop — 13 Comments

  1. When are you going to post pics of your coop? I am anxious to see what you guys ended up building.

  2. Always a bit nerve-wrecking when this day comes… for me. But I watched 24 grow into the space so much faster this year, compared to the 13 we began with a couple years ago.

  3. How cute! Love putting them in the coop for the first time. They are always so happy to get out of that little brooder!

  4. Jenny,

    Great pictures. This is our first year that we have been successful raising chickens. The last two years we could not keep the critters out. This year we used reinforced concrete and barbed wire. The racoons just tucker out around two in the morning. Just kidding. I really enjoy your blog.

    God Bless,

    Matt Sullivan

  5. Just found your blog from Scratch magazine. Thank you for sharing your journey, I look forward to keeping up. I have had chickens for 4 years now, in an urban backyard mostly filled with a garden and coop/run….it has been a fun adventure with the girls. Good luck!

  6. Naww, your babies are growing up! We just booted Mumma duck and her 2 hatchlings, Yin and Yang (a black duckling and a yellow one curled up like a yin yang) out of the little coop into the big wide world one and they are funny scuttling along, looking for Mum who seems happy to leave them be now that she’s hatched them. Our chicks are about 9 weeks now and Mum is trying hard to kick them from her nest but she has slouching teenagers who are happy to stay home where mum does everything. Now we await the possible arrival of baby goats instead – an unconfirmed and surprise pregnancy. :D