Meet Marigold


Last year we invested in a push mower for our small yard.  Now that we are moving, a push mower won’t do for a large acreage, although, we thought about trying it just for kicks to see how long it would actually take.  In one estimation we figured about twelve hours if one moved non-stop.  We also thought it would be funny to see the reaction of the neighbors. But I digress…

This is Marigold.

>insert angel chorus “aaahhhh” here<

One of the first big purchases for our little homestead.  We bought her at a John Deere tractor store which in and of itself was quite the experience.  We named her Marigold because the green and yellow contrast reminded me of yellow marigolds.  That, and we have a habit of naming everything.

Every other weekend we load Marigold onto a small trailer (named Hank) and take her out to our property for what we call a “mowing picnic”.  The first of these was very elaborate and consisted of fancy food and kite flying.  Since then the kite has flown away, and the food consists of string cheese and pepperoni slices but we still have fun.

We only mow the front two(ish) acres which takes about two hours.  For someone who typically doesn’t care much for mowing, I’ve learned to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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Meet Marigold — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve always enjoyed mowing, sadly so does Brian so I don’t get to do it very often ;) we have almont the same mower :)

    • I get to mow (unless it is around the edge of the pond) and Marco does the weedeating. We’ve been pretty happy with Marigold. She does a good job. I just underestimated how long it would take (still) with a riding mower.