The temperatures these past few weeks have ranged from 103-110 with no more than a half inch of rain.  My walk at 7:30 every morning is a stifling move through a sauna.

My permanent hairdo is a pony tail.

It is too hot to cook, too hot to clean, too hot to move.

When we head out to Black Fox, I step out of the car and am immediately hit with an oppressive hot wind.  Everything around us is so dry, I half expect it to spontaneously burst into flames.

The heat is unbearable but the sky is always pretty.

The grass is brown and crispy.

The pond has nearly dried up.

The ground around it is cracked.

Thirsty little guy

When it is this hot, everything else seems that much worse.

Our barn home was by this time to have been framed out; but we discovered last week that while we waited for the electricity, the framer took another job and so we have to wait.

I can understand, but we’re ready to go.

My only comfort is that when we do move it will be in the fall.

The heat will start to break, and the first days in our new barn home will be the first days of autumn.

Ripples on what is left of the pond

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It…is..HOT — 13 Comments

    • Last night at 10:30 it was still over 100 degrees. :( We’re supposed to get a bit of a break over the weekend, down to 102. That’s still pretty high but when it’s 114 (estimated high for today) just a drop of ten degrees makes all the difference in the world.

  1. A fellow ponytail wearer visiting from Your Sunday’s Best…it’s not quite a hundred here but the humidity makes it unbearable. Stay cool.

  2. I have my hair up in an ugly bun! It cooled overnight, but is still humid. Hang in there and thanks for linking up at Your Sunday Best this week! xo

    • We’ve gotten a little bit of rain tonight. About half an inch and the temp dropped a tad bit.

  3. Oh it does sound very hot – I don’t know how I would cope in that kind of heat. I hope you get some rain real soon and that is cools very soon. You blue sky does look beautiful though :)

    • We got two inches the night before last and today it dropped down to the high 90′s so…maybe the end is in sight?