Country Storm


Our home out at Black Fox is beginning to take shape!

We go out almost every evening to have a look around, walk through the floor plan, deliver a load of boxes to be stored in the garage, and just take it all in.

On one of our visits last week it started to sprinkle off and on just as we left.  We decided to head out anyhow.  It hasn’t rained in forever  and it didn’t seem likely to start up then.

We were wrong.

As soon as we pulled into the drive, the sky to the east looked like this:

And the sky to the west looked like this:

Soon it began to sprinkle again, then it began to pour so we took shelter in the garage and watched from the open overhead door.

I have never experienced a country storm before.  The trees and surrounding houses in our current city neighborhood provide something of a buffer to thunderstorms.

Out on flat land there is no buffer.

One feels pretty exposed, pretty vulnerable.

At the same time, that storm was incredibly beautiful.

The rain continued to pour but the sun broke through the clouds, and sure enough ~ we were treated to one of these.

It’s the little things….

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Country Storm — 25 Comments

    • You’re right Carlene, the pond is starting to fill back up again. I’m sure it makes the turtles happy. :)

    • I never used to be skittish about storms but this one had me a teeny bit nervous. It just came in so quickly. Living in tornado alley I do have some concerns :? We’re planning on getting a storm cellar installed as soon as possible.

    • Thanks Diana. I’m happy with how it is coming along. So far everything is looking good.

  1. Jenny that’s great to have a rainbow after such a storm. The weather is way way better than watching tv if you ask me!

    • I was so happy we were able to catch the rainbow. Yep, things are moving along pretty quickly now.

    • We were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. It was quite a storm (and we needed the rain)