Confessions of a Slacker Packer


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Our barn home is still a few weeks away from being completed and move~in ready but with husbie traveling weekly with his job, we’ve decided to take advantage of his current vacation time to hit the packing hard.

Unless I am going on a trip, I don’t like to pack.

Even though one is moving on to something better, there is something very disorienting about taking one’s home apart, putting it into boxes and transporting it elsewhere.

I feel overwhelmed.  And when I feel overwhelmed, I don’t tend to kick it into high gear.  I tend to cop out.

So packing with Jenny looks a little bit like this:

Pack a box. ::sigh::

Pack another box.

Pause packing to look at paint colors. Even though paint colors have already been decided on.

Pack a box and take a Facebook break.

Pack wedding photos.

Decide to sit down and look at wedding photos.

Wander off to find wedding gown (that should have been boxed and preserved ages ago) so it can be packed with wedding photos.

Hold up wedding gown and look in mirror. Realize gown was many pounds lighter ago. Lament post marriage weight gain; seek comfort with a spoonful of chocolate almond butter.

Have another spoonful of chocolate almond butter.

While in kitchen stuffing gullet full of chocolate almond butter, decide to pack kitchen things.

Look for box to pack kitchen things.  ::sigh::

Have a few more spoonfuls of chocolate almond butter.

Add chocolate almond butter to grocery list. Take a look at pantry to see if anything else should be added to list.

Remember you had decided to pack up kitchen things.

Wander off and look for a box.

Find box. Box is with pillows. Decide pillows would be best packed with china.  Deliver pillows to dining room so you will remember to pack them up together.

Stop and try to figure out what you were looking for before you came into the dining room . Box!

Box is back in bedroom where you found the pillows….

Clutching the now found box, check to see if anyone has looked at the blog. Google “Get big blog hits” Tell yourself this is just as important as packing.

Pack  box with kitchen things.

Decide you need a break. Open a bottle of kombucha. Decide to write about kombucha on the blog. Find “TO WRITE ABOUT” list and add Kom-bu-cha. How is that pronounced anyway? Google “How to say kombucha..” and tell yourself this is just as important as packing.

Start dinner…

Before bed count all of five boxes packed ~ a hard, honest day’s work,  and wonder aloud why on earth this is taking so long.

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Confessions of a Slacker Packer — 8 Comments

  1. I like your packing style. You did an excellent job!! (where is that sarcasm font?) Can’t wait to hear about the move-in.

  2. Thanks Dawn. :D We’re getting there. Hopefully we’ll be settling in in a few weeks. My folks came yesterday and helped; that forced me to be a little more …um~ focused. :?

  3. Oh man, that is so me – copping out when overwhelmed. Big jobs with deadlines make me want to take a nap. :P
    But hey, 5 boxes isn’t too shabby right? Right?

  4. I completely understand the packing woes. Not fun at all. Although setting up a new house can’t be topped in my book. ;)

    • This is true. A new house is always fun. I’m just having a few uneasy moments because we’ve downsized a bit and I’m wondering where everything will go. I thought I had accounted for the major pieces but now that the walls are going up, it all looks smaller to me and even though I was careful and thought I had a place for everything, I have made a few mistakes. :( I just wonder how it is all going to fit/work.

  5. I moved again three years ago and I realized I still had boxes full of things that I never unpacked after the previous move!!! I ‘m not a good unpacker once I find the things I need to survive.

    • Irene, we moved into this home about four years ago and I’ve run into those unpacked boxes as well. :( I have stuff that I can’t use, but for sentimental reasons, I can’t get rid of it either. :?