Chickens: The Expectation vs. Reality


a new homesteader gets chickens

Tomorrow our our girls will be twenty-two weeks old!

No eggs yet,  I’ve given up on that until spring, but they’re no longer the persnickety bunch they were when I wrote this post.

Yesterday I shared at GNOWFGLINS  our expectations and the reality of  our first few weeks as chicken keepers…

Expectations like – I was sure I’d kill my chickens when I brought them home (or my dogs would)…

Or – they’d be eaten by a raccoon their first night in the coop.

I’m also sharing how we hope to put them to work in our garden next season.

You can read the post in its entirety here.  I hope you’ll drop by!

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Chickens: The Expectation vs. Reality — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve learned so much about our chickens too. They call them chooks here in Oz. :-) Sometimes laying/breeding is so easy and happens bing/bang/boom, then others? Oh my. :-) I learned this week that thunder kills babies in their shells. That explains why before the storms came we had babies but all laying has ceased since they blew through. Sigh. :-)