Can I Homestead Without 100 Acres and a Cow?


I frequently get the following comment, “I really want to homestead but we’re waiting until we can afford to buy an acreage.”

I usually respond with what a fellow homestead friend  once said to me:  “If you have a home, you have a homestead.” 

I believe that house can come in any shape or size: a tent, a mobile home, a farmhouse, an apartment, or a home in a suburban neighborhood;  and that land can be an acreage or simply a collection of terra cotta pots assembled on a back patio.  

In my opinion, homesteading isn’t based on the resources you have as much as it is what you do with them.  Homesteading is an attitude of the heart. 

Last week I shared my thoughts and ideas about homesteading where you are at with the resources you have.  You can read the post here.  I hope you’ll pop over and share your experiences as well.


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Can I Homestead Without 100 Acres and a Cow? — 8 Comments

  1. “Homesteading is an attitude of the heart.” — I love this mindset! It’s just the pick-me-up I needed today. I’ve been growing restless in the saving process (saving to purchase a home/land). This reminded me that even though I am in a basement apartment for now, homesteading can still be in my heart!

    • Hi Caitlin, I’m sorry the wait has been hard. Someone else left a great comment on this post (on the Gnowfglins site) who is in a similar situation. She calls herself an “apartmentsteader”. I thought that was awesome. :D

  2. I too love the mindset! It’s what I am doing. My small piece of heaven, in my mind, is WAY too small, but it’s a good growing point for me. And I am finding ways to make it work. :)