Bend and Flex


Going into this project I knew we’d face challenges and setbacks.  Knowing you will face them, and actually facing them, however, are two entirely different things.

We were told initially that once things got started, the building could go rather quickly: two months from start to finish.

Based on that I figured  we’d be moving at the end of August.

Wanting to stay true to our unspoken pledge to grow the majority of our own produce in spite of the move, we began plans for a fall garden.  This “tiny” 2000 sq’(ish) kitchen garden was to be planted to the east of the barn house and was to tide us over for a bit until we could start our large scale canning/market garden.

Then we had to coordinate a bit of a dance between the builder who didn’t want to start anything without electricity and the electric company who didn’t want to set poles unless they saw a foundation.

That set us back about two-three weeks. 

We thought we were back on track, and then we learned that the framer had taken another job while we waited for the electric company to get its act together.

We were set back another week.

Then we learned that while we had the framer lined up, the trusses had yet to be built.

We were set back another week.

The area designated for my kitchen garden is partly littered with construction paraphernalia and partly under a huge pile of sand, not to be cleared most likely until September/October-ish which is now our new move date should all go well.

What do you want to bet?

Most normal people would just conclude this is not the year for a fall garden.

We’re not normal though.  Heck, we’re going to live in a house barn.

So rather than wait, we’ve decided to move the garden.   In the spirit of this entire project, we’re switching to plan B.   The unoccupied area back behind the garage, currently known as the Hinterlands (I don’t..know why…we just call it that.)  will now become our garden.

The uncharted territory aka The Hinterlands.

It will have easy access to the farm hydrant, and easy access to the rain barrels.  Instead of the kitchen garden,it will become the start of our canning/market garden.

Did you know this is called a farm hydrant? I didn’t either. I always referred to it as a spigot.

The kitchen garden will be put off until next spring.  The visions I had of 6am yoga sessions amongst the autumn chard while watching the sun rise will have to wait another season.

We have though gained a head start on our plans to become market gardeners and that’s a plus.

It’s all part of bending and flexing.

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Bend and Flex — 14 Comments

  1. I recently went through my first renovation, a small bathroom upgrade that was suppose to take three days and took 5 weeks so I can only imagine what this must have been like. Good work on staying adaptable and best of luck as you continue to build.

  2. Jenny,

    It would be easy to get a bad case of the contractor-blues, what with your Abbot and Costello-like construction building exercise that reminds of that famous ‘who’s-on-first’ skit. But your garden solution sounds down-right inspired. And that plot of land — that will soon be your new autumn, for now, garden — is absolutely lovely, in a uniquely Oklahoma way.

    Best of luck.


    • Thanks. I was looking at these pictures again today and if you didn’t know they were taken last week, one might think it was the middle of autumn the grass is so brown. The contractor started framing today so we’re back on track. For now at least…

  3. Oh my hubby and I lived in a barn/house/dump building for four years before building a new house and living in it and building it a little at a time. We have lived here for 32 years it was so worth it. We were self sufficient for most of that but now that we are older we depend on off our farm goods even though we still farm.

    • So glad to hear from someone else who has BTDT. Sometimes I wonder what we’re getting into. We’re excited though. :)

  4. Watching this come together is so exciting! I can’t wait until we have our own little place (at LEAST five acres is what I keep telling the hubby…) I am absolutely thrilled for you. Morning yoga sounds amazing too

    • Thank you Emily! We were out there today to work some more on the garden and it is starting to come together.