Gardening Hints

~ Use leftover grapefruit rinds or avocado peel as slug bait.  Check the baits every morning for slugs, and empty any that collect into a bucket of soapy water.  The dead slugs can then be tossed onto your compost pile.  This only works however,  if you can keep your dogs from running off with the rinds or avocado peels.

~ Wrap the base of a squash vine with knee-high panty hose to help protect it against the squash vine borer.

~ Knee-highs can also be used to protect your tomatoes from the birds.  Slip the “toe” end up around the tomato, or clump of tomatoes, and gently secure to the vine with a piece of string.

~ Use a plastic gallon milk jug for a cloche.  Cut off the bottom and set around your plants to protect them from the frost.

~ Combine 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of liquid soap with one gallon of water as a spray for powdery mildew.  Use as a preventative or spray affected plants in the morning and allow to dry.

~ Place a small amount of crushed eggshells into the hole before planting your tomatoes.  This will help guard against blossom end rot.

~ Aphids can be removed from plants without the use of pesticides.  Simply flush them off with a steady but gentle stream of water from the hose.  Once removed, they won’t be able to climb back on.


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