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Welcome to Kettle Klatches!  

Homestead Conversations with Carol (from Everything Home With Carol) and Jenny (myself ).

Recently my friend and fellow-homesteader Carol Alexander and I got together to chat on the phone about our homesteading ventures.  We had such a great visit we decided to let you listen in on our conversation.  So, join us  as we present our fifth post in an audio blog series about all things homesteading from food, to living on a budget, to gardening, canning, and more!

This segment  features soup breads: sourdough, biscuits, foccacia, and a bit about milling your own wheat.  As a thank you for listening in click here to print off some 3×5″ recipe cards. 

(Please note: WordPress does not play nice with the pdf file I’ve uploaded for printing.  For best results, I recommend clicking on the link, downloading it to your computer, and printing it from there. Thank you!)

We’d like to invite you to pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea, and listen in!

Recipe Cards Two


 Recommended Resources:


Jenny’s Mill


Laurel’s Kitchen, the one that Carol highly recommends (she went through three copies!)


Organic Cornmeal from Bob’s Red Mill (Jenny has found this to be one of the best deals)


Better Homes and Gardens Heritage Cookbook


Neiman Marcus Taste


Carol’s recommended biscuit cutter


Jenny’s post on Sourdough Starter


Master Fat tutorial and info






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Kettle Klatches: Soup Breads — 1 Comment

  1. This is a wonderful resource. Now on my bucket list:
    ~establish a soup night
    ~try making sourdough bread
    ~ buy Bob’s Red Mill Cornmeal next time
    Thank you!