Getting Started with Traditional Foods and Healthy Eating


Traditional FoodsHappy New Year!  I hope that you are anticipating a wonderful and most blessed 2014!

This past week husbie and I have spent much time reflecting over this past year and all that it held for us, as well as looking forward to the new year and all that we hope to accomplish.

I’m not one for making lots of goals, especially living on a homestead where life is very fluid and can change in a second.  Unexpected change is not easy for someone who likes to plan, and I am hoping to share more on that in a post next week.

A few plans we have made however are to increase our flock in the spring with half a dozen or so Buff Orpingtons,  and try our hand at a few meat birds.

Another plan for 2014 is to continue to add more and more traditional and fermented foods to our diet.

When I was introduced to traditional foods some years ago I was both fascinated and overwhelmed. Soaking, sprouting, fermenting, sourdough…..where does one start??

Today I am sharing my thoughts on breaking the concept of traditional foods down into smaller, bite sized pieces (pun intended) over at GnowfglinsClick here to read the full post.  I hope you will drop by and share your thoughts as well.

If you are interested in learning more about traditional foods and how to prepare them I would encourage you to check out the hands on Fundamentals E-course offered through Gnowfglins. We have found it to be very helpful and informative in getting started with the basics such as sprouting, soaking, and fermenting.

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Getting Started with Traditional Foods and Healthy Eating — 2 Comments

  1. Happy New Year! Looking forward to your continuing homesteading adventures.

  2. Thanks for all the traditional foods info, Jenny. Thanks to you, I took the plunge into the world of fermentation. Today, I have my first batch of sauerkraut in the making, water kefir soda and milk kefir to drink, Greek-style yogurt , milk kefir cheese ready to enjoy….and a plan to make sourdough this month.