The Story of Our First Egg


Our First Egg

The monumental event happened on a day I was least expecting it.

We were in the middle of terrible ice and snow that had kept my husband working in Atlanta over the weekend, keeping him away from home for a total of two weeks.

It was cold and I was home alone. our first egg

Bummed and feeling sorry for myself, I went outside one evening to close up the chicken coop. Taking a head count (or rather a fluffy behind count) I turned to lock the door when I saw it there in the grainy darkness.

A tiny orb.

Could it possibly be??? I ran inside for a flashlight and my findings confirmed: yes. An egg. A small, but perfect, beautiful taupe colored egg.


Click here to read the rest of the story over at GNOWFGLINS and gather a few tips on gathering and caring for fresh eggs.

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The Story of Our First Egg — 6 Comments

  1. Congratulations!!! I love it when my new hens begin to lay. I have about 30 chickens at the moment and on Saturday I got 17 beautiful eggs. A lot of my hens are getting old (4-7 years) and they aren’t laying as much. It’s time to bring in some new chicks probably in late March depending on the weather. I love new babies on the farm.

    • Thank you! Seventeen eggs is quite a “harvest”. I look forward to growing our flock, and yes chicks are a lot of fun! We plan on bringing some more home this spring. I think we’ll give Buff Orpingtons a try this time around.

  2. So excited for you!!! I was over the moon with my first egg too. It is so marvelous and amazing. :-)