How to read a Seed packet

seed packet feature photo

When I started my first garden, I started with very little background knowledge at all. I purchased seeds at the local hardware store, not really knowing what varieties to choose and why, not really knowing if the time was right for what crop, and whether or not certain things would grow in my area. I had seen the tiny writing on the back of the seed packets, but it made little sense to me. I needed someone to sit down and explain all of this to me, but those gardening websites took for granted that I knew this basic information.

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Companion Planting


Here on our little homestead, we try to grow things as close to how nature intended for them to be grown as possible.
For us this means honoring the seasons, building the soil structure, keeping pesticides to a minimum, and avoiding the conventional method of single crops laid out in rows. This also means incorporating companion planting as a means of pest control.

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