Crops That Can Be Planted Mid-Summer


Now that it is officially summer, we move into the warm season which brings on pests, weeds, and for some of us, triple digit temps making garden work most unpleasant.
If you can manage to power through however, here in our zone 6b(ish) garden there are a few crops that can be planted later on in the season rewarding you with a late summer/early fall harvest.

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Decoding Tomatoes: Tomato Stuff You May Have Wondered About But Were Afraid To Ask

Some of our favorite heirloom varieties: Cherokee Purple, Cream Sausage, and Austin's Pear

Share …a  post with the new gardener in mind. When I first started growing tomatoes, I thought a tomato was simply a red fruited vine that one planted in the summer. It wasn’t until I gained momentum and little bit … Continue reading

Get Ready to Grow ~ 7 Basic Gardening Things You Can Be Doing Now

pea sprout

The holidays are over, the new year has started, now is a perfect time to think about gardening! Yes, it may still be in the dead of winter but this is the time to begin planning: many of those cool season vegetables such as peas, lettuce, beets, and carrots will need a head start. Even if you do choose to just stick with the warmer vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, okra, etc.), or don’t want to plant vegetables at all in favor of annuals or herbs; the sooner you prepare, the more successful your harvest will be. Here are seven things you can do now while you anticipate the spring.

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Collard Greens: In the Garden and at the Table

Collard greens

Share Last year, on a whim I purchased a small packet of collard green seeds.  It was late in the season but I started a few transplants anyway, then got busy, forgot about them, remembered them,  and set them out … Continue reading