Purchasing a Wood Burning Stove


When we first moved to the home on our homestead we were on the fence about purchasing a wood stove. On the one hand we liked the idea of being able to heat with wood, and the warm atmosphere a fireplace provided. On the other hand, wood stoves are expensive. They take up space, space that for us at least, is tight already. I was also, believe it or not, afraid of them. I could see us burning down the house the first time we used it. After discussing the situation back and forth for thirteen months, looking at the situation from every angle, we finally decided to take the plunge. Our new wood burning stove was installed last week.

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Rural Homesteading: What I Wish I Had Known

Black Fox Homestead

The transition from city living to rural living is not an easy one; and, in spite of what one might read in books, magazines, or see on reality tv, country living is tough. A few weeks ago I sat down and wondered what things I wish I had known before our move: things that might have made that transition a little easier.

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