Summer Gardening


Before editing, this post read: “Happy first day of summer!” But yesterday, while browsing through my FB newsfeed  I saw  someone post “Happy first day of summer.”  I snickered.  Everyone knows the first day of summer is June 21.

Wait. What?  ::tap.tap.tap: Quick google check.   I’m the one who is out of the loop. So, “HAPPY SECOND DAY OF SUMMER!!!!”  Although with current temps close to 90 it has felt like summer for a few weeks now.


Here are some things to do in your summer garden:

Plant zinnias – More on that later…

Plant scarlet runner beans – Another beautiful heat loving annual.  Enjoy the red blossoms and then eat the string beans.  Runner beans are a vine and will need some sort of support.  They are very pretty grown on a trellis, accompanied by the zinnias.

Set out more tomato plants – If the spider mites have gotten to your spring plants, or if you would just like to have a few more for the fall set out a few more plants.  Check with your local extension office for the best time to do this.  In our area (zone 6b)  it is right around the Fourth of July.  As I said yesterday, Cherokee Purples are our favorite.  Click on the link to the right (photo of tomatoes) for more information.

Keep the weeds in check – weed early in the morning before the onset of the afternoon heat; or in the evening after the heat breaks.  Weeding after a heavy rain will make it much easier to pull them out.  While weeding, be careful not to walk around in your beds as it will compact the soil.

Mulch, mulch, mulch – Make sure your vegetable and flower beds are well mulched in the heat in order to conserve moisture.

Have a Happy Summer.  Does anyone have any big plans?

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Summer Gardening — 4 Comments

  1. We’re heading to the beach! And not too late for zinnias? Yay! (although, not sure mine would get enough sun, hmmm)

    • I would try them anyway. I have some in pots on my porch where they get some shade and they are doing fine.

  2. I thought today was the first day of summer, also. Always thought it was on the 21st. Oh well!